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Bylaws that shall govern this organization (as of 03-30-23):

1. The title of this organization shall be the Kentucky State Gospel Singing Convention, herein referred to as the Convention.

2. The rules that govern this body are the Robert's Rules of Order unless otherwise noted in these bylaws.

3. The Kentucky State Gospel Singing Convention Board of Directors consists of people who have an interest in the promotion of gospel music throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

4. The affairs of the Convention shall be carried out by the Kentucky State Gospel Singing Convention Board of Directors, herein after referred to as the Board, which shall consist of a minimum 7 members and no more than 20 members.  A person is elected to the Kentucky State Gospel Singing Convention Board of Directors by being nominated by a sitting member and receiving a majority vote of the Board in attendance at that meeting.  Length of term shall be for three years, and the member may be re-elected.

4a. If a Board member misses three (3) consecutive meetings, the member may be dismissed at the discretion of the Board.

4b. Board members, except for the Secretary and Treasurer, are required to attain $250.00 in ad sales/donations for annual convention ad book or may be dismissed at the discretion of the board.

5. Offices will consist of a president and a vice-president and each will have tenure of two years.  Each position is filled by sitting board members nominating potential candidates.  The election is decided by the Board members in attendance at that meeting.  The officers shall be members of the Board.

6. Upon completion of the term of president, the current vice-president automatically fills the vacancy unless he/she declines at which time the Board will elect such officers.

7. The president has the authority to appoint a secretary and a treasurer who will serve the length of the president's term.  These appointees may or may not come from the current board.  If non-board members are appointed, they have no voting rights.

8. Quorum (over half the Board membership) must be present to conduct business at any meeting.

9. There will be an annual convention.  The date and location are to be chosen by the Board.  The Board may hold or sponsor other singings throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky at its discretion.  All the terms of the Board officers shall begin January 1 of the next calendar year.

10. No singing group or artist will receive payment for its/his/her performance at any Convention-sponsored event.

11. After all current convention expenses have been paid in full, funds in the amount to be chosen by the Board will be deposited into a special convention account designated to promote the growth and development of the Convention.

12. Any individual, group, or business (other than the ones who are participating in the convention) who wishes to set up a table at the convention will be charged a fee.  The person(s) submitting the request must provide a list and pictures of items to be set up.  This fee shall not be less than $150 per night.  Groups may set up a product table for free on the night they perform.  The fee for a KSGSC group to set up on their non-designated night will be $50.  Groups performing have first choice of table location.

13. Bylaws shall be amended, added, or deleted by 3/4 majority vote of the Board members in attendance at any business meeting.  The change is then tabled. all board members are notified, and the potential change is readdressed at the next meeting where it must again receive a 3/4 majority vote of attending Board members to pass.

14. The bylaws will be printed and available to attendees at the annual convention in the ad book and will be available on the website.

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